Market Bucks

Market Bucks are engraved wooden tokens (designed just for Errington Farmers Market) that come in $5 and $10 dollar denominations. All vendors are eligible to participate in this program. The Market Bucks are only for use at Errington Farmers Market.

• When customers want to use their debit or credit card for a purchase and the vendor is not equipped with a ‘card or square reader’, the customer can purchase Market Bucks from the Manager’s table to use like cash.
• If the purchase is less than the value of the Market Buck(s), the vendor will give change in cash.
• Some vendors may keep these ‘Bucks’ rather than reimburse them (see below) and spend them at another vendor’s stall.
• Some people (vendors and customers) purchase Market Bucks to give as gifts.
• Vendors are not permitted to use Market Bucks as currency to pay for any market fees.

• Vendors will complete a reimbursement slip for the amount of Market Bucks received, and redeem them at the manager’s table from 12:00 – 1:00 on market day.
• Market Bucks are not required to be redeemed each week, however vendors should avoid ‘stock piling’ for long periods of time.
• Reimbursements will be made in the following ways; up to $20 paid in cash; more then $20 paid by e-transfer or cheque.

They make great gifts, too!