May 18th-Starting a prize-winning zucchini racer

Errington’s famous zucchini races won’t be happening for another several months, on Hi Neighbour Day in August, but prize winning zucchinis don’t just happen…they’re sown!

This Saturday, May 18th, we invite zucchini racers young and old to come to the market pavilion to start zucchini, pumpkin and other squash seeds.  Free supplies will be provided, including soil, pots and seeds, as well as expert guidance from Sunshine, an expert farmer, vendor and community helper.

A prize-winning zucchini racer starts with good growing, and the time to begin is now.

Not planning to race a zucchini this summer? Come and start some squash for your own home garden!  The other wonderful thing about fast zucchinis is that they happen to be delicious.   And that’s something that food lovers of all ages can relate to.