June 8 ~ Knit In Public Day!

They say that there are two kinds of people in this world: those who know how to knit, and those who wish they did.

There are few things more satisfying than taking a nondescript length of wool and a few simple sticks and creating a beautiful, functional piece of clothing; and here on Vancouver Island we’re fortunate to be in a hotbed of fibre know-how. One step further, right here in Errington, we have many friends and neighbours who even raise sheep and have the ability to process the wool right from the shearing to the shawl.

If life is a highway. . . make sure to pack plenty of yarn for the journey!

On June 8th, visit the Errington Farmers’ Market and join the many passionate local knitters who will be celebrating World-Wide Knit In Public Day together in the park.  Bring a project you’re working on and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow fibre friends, or come with your curiosity and a willingness to learn. There will be free supplies available for those who’d like to try their hand at knitting for the first time, and everyone is welcome to add rows to the wild and wonderful community scarf that we’ll be creating together.

The Errington Farmers’ Market is a wonderful experience of community, fresh food and great live music; and a wide variety of local vendors and the beautiful forest park setting make it a special day out for the whole family.

Join us on June 8th and be a part of the magic of Errington’s close-knit market community!