August 17 ~ The Greater Errington Memorial Zucchini Race

August 17, 2019
1:00 pm


Held on the field, next to the Market – watch as wheeled zucchinis race down the steep ramp 4 at a time! Crashes are frequent and dramatic!

Buy or grow a zucchini, find some wheels, a driver, some cool decorations and become a racer. Prizes for kid and adult categories.

There will be a ‘Build a Racer’ workshop on Saturday, August 10th in the Market – get some tips, see what tools you’ll need. On race day, bring your racer to the inspection table by 12:00 noon. Race starts at 1:00pm. If you don’t come to race, come to watch!



Remembering John Olsen

The event is titled the “Greater Errington Memorial Zucchini Race,” and the word Memorial refers to our late neighbour from Unicorn Farm, John Olsen, who really was the catalyst and grandfather of Zucchini racing in

John was a believer in strong communities and getting folks together to race these often unwelcome huge vegetables seemed like a unifying event to him. He constructed the first 2 lane ramp years ago, and then later added 2 more lanes and a long off ramp with a jump – which made for more exciting racing.

He was always keen to expand the races and challenge other Island communities to competitions, and he will be missed on Hi Neighbour Days in Errington. His granddaughter, Brianna has stepped in to proudly continue the tradition he worked so tirelessly to establish.