August 3rd ~ 3rd Annual Art in the Park

Humans have been creating art for tens of thousands of years, with some of the earliest forms of art are found on cave walls around the world. Soon after this period in time, humans began to settle in groups and putting down roots; shifting from hunting and gathering to become agrarians – growing, producing and preserving food where they lived.  Art and Food are cornerstones of our civilization, and artists and art help us to see the world and our human place in it in ways we otherwise would not.

Food is the one thing that brings us all together, cutting through every barrier, real or imagined. After all, eating is something we all do! Friends, family, festivities and many other rituals have always centered around people sitting down together to share food and ideas.

Errington’s 3rd Annual Art in the Park is a community event which brings food and art, farmers and artists, together. This event will showcase local artists’ process – it will be a day of interaction where community members can observe art in action!

Come and witness local artists sprinkled throughout the market with their easels, canvasses and paint, sketchbooks, weaving or other artistic endeavours! There will be painting, fibre art, pastel, ceramic arts and more.

This is a family friendly event and there will also be opportunities for children to create!


As a bonus, in the Errington Old Fire Hall, a group of local artists will be hosting a colourful and creative show and sale of recent work. Whether you are a lover of acrylic, watercolour or oil painting, there will definitely be something to catch your eye and stir your spirit.

This show will run from 10am to 4pm, and there is no admission charge.


Food nourishes our bodies and art nourishes our spirit.
Come and experience both on August 3rd in Errington!