Grant Summary – PQB Foundation 2020

2020 was a challenging season for the Errington Farmers’ Market, as we navigated constantly changing public health terrain while striving to continue to be a key community food support for residents of our local region. Our market has always provided a unique service to the area, existing as a safe and welcoming space for all community members, including those who often do not feel a sense of belonging in the community at large.

In the midst of the pandemic however, it became more difficult to achieve this goal while simultaneously becoming even more critical that we do so. Some of the biggest hurdles that we faced this season included meeting specific and dynamic public health and safety measures, operating with less income as a result of fewer vendors being allowed on site, increased volunteer demands to meet public health requirements, functioning in a drastically changed physical site and market layout, and a need for visible and clear communications with shoppers.

Thankfully, with the support and financial assistance that we received from the Foundation, we were not only able to continue providing the community with this important connection with local food, but in fact were able to create new ways of delivering service that exceeded our expectations.

The challenges that we met together and in cooperation with community partners helped us grow as an organization, reach new members of the community, and to flourish in adversity.

Read the full Grant Summary Report HERE.