The Errington Farmers’ Market exists during this time of pandemic emergency as an essential service, designed for local customers to shop safely and efficiently for fresh local food.  In order for this challenging system to be successful, it is critical that public health regulations be followed.

  • Physical distancing measures for both vendors and patrons must be respected.  Please use the guidelines marked on the ground as your guide to the recommended 6ft/2m spacing.
  • The market is designed specifically with a one-way traffic flow, and this one-way market route will be the only route for market shopping. To facilitate this traffic flow, the market site has one designated entrance and one designated exit.
  • It is recommended that only one shopper per household attend the market.  At this time, farmers’ markets are not social gatherings and interactions should be kept to a minimum.  The park should not be used for gathering, lingering or play.
  • Practice excellent hand hygiene and use masks or gloves if desired.  Handwashing stations and hand sanitizers are provided for vendor and customer safety.
  • Do not touch merchandise until it has been purchased and packaged.
  • Please try to bring enough money to make exact change if you choose to pay using cash, as making change adds difficulty for keeping vendors and patrons safe.  Paying with a card is preferable if available and possible.  Market bucks will not be available for purchase during the pandemic emergency.
  • Consider using the EFM’s ONLINE MARKET system to prearrange your order and pay in advance.
  • The EFM welcomes your constructive feedback to help improve the market experience.
  • Attend the market weekly, considerately and quickly!
  • Please, be patient. This is a difficult time for all of us, vendors, organizers and patrons alike, and we all depend upon one another. By being careful, calm and kind we can ensure that the Errington Farmers’ Market continues to be able to bring you fresh local food, now and into the future.