Mirella Trozzo ~ Biscotti Di Notte & More

On a market Saturday, in the shade of the fir trees, under a garland of vintage aprons…you’ll find something unexpected. A taste of Italy.

Mirella Trozzo has been bringing her wonderful vintage style and authentic Italian baked treats to the Errington Farmers’ Market since 2004.  She was born in Italy and sailed to Canada with her mamma in 1960, bringing with her also a deep sense of aesthetic and culinary tradition.  Mirella loves baking shortbread almost as much as market goers love tasting it, and she delights in surprising them with her wonderful biscotti.  We’re all too familiar with the rock-hard texture of commercial biscotti, but hers are baked traditionally on stone to maintain their crisp freshness.

My favourite item to bring is my pizzelle because people find it fascinating. I make a different flavour every week. It is the oldest cookie in the world, and it’s from my region of Italy!

There are many things that Mirella loves about the market: the unique setting in the woods, the creative spirit of the community…and her treasured customers, who sometimes even bring her one-of-a-kind vintage aprons as gifts.

At Biscotti Di Notte, la vita è bella.
And so is a visit to Mirella’s market booth!