Lynn Moore ~ Eudora Lynn’s Healing Herbs

Lynn has had a deep and spiritual connection with plants for her whole life, and has been sharing her plant wisdom at the Errington Market since 2017.

The specialty oils, tinctures, salves, lotions and vinaigrettes that she features at her market booth are crafted from herbs and flowers that she grows herself at her home in Nanoose, which are personally hand picked and hand dried and put into oils and other bases.  The end result is an array of  magical things for others, to support wellness of the body and the spirit.

Lynn loves the gentle and friendly atmosphere of the Errington Market and the community connections that it fosters.

Last week three little girls were interested in the stones that support my banner and asked to colour them with chalk.  They coloured for long time together and then decorated the poles at my table. What a gift to see children honoured and cherished! I love watching the families interact with each other each week.

Lynn loves to connect with each person she meets, and finds it so rewarding when she can also connect a customer with just the piece of herbal wisdom that they have been missing.  Some of her top sellers are her arnica and mugwort oils and spray tinctures, offering relief to those with inflammation, arthritis and joint pain.  This year she is bringing special vinaigrettes to the market, infused with wonderful wild plants like dandelion, lilac blossoms, wild rose petals, lavender and more.

The energy of plants is a good and green piece of the energy we all share.  Stop by and chat with Lynn at her market booth beneath the sheltering trees, and feel that energy for yourself.