Linda Thomas ~ Once Upon A Farm

The culinary creative behind Once Upon A Farm, Linda Thomas has been a vendor at the EFM for over 12 years.

In that time, Linda’s tasty baked goods have developed a loyal following, and if you don’t get to the market early, you stand a chance of missing out on her delicious scones and cinnamon buns.   As it happens, those items are also Linda’s favourite items to bake.  Preparing for the weekly market requires a great deal of planning and hard work, and her biggest challenge is getting enough baking done in the time she has available.  Getting that baking to the market in style isn’t a problem for Linda though…her ride is a ’67 Beaumont!

The market has been a long family tradition in Linda’s life, and her favourite thing to bring to the market is actually memories of bringing her mother to the market years ago.  Linda says:

My mother loved to visit the market, and I have fond memories of time with her.  The two years that my grandson, Markus, sold tickets for the market basket were really memorable also – he’s a born salesman!

A regular weekly vendor at the Errington Farmers’ Market, you can find Linda each saturday in the shade of the park’s tall trees with her scones, cinnamon buns, freshly baked bread, squares…and always a smile.