Joy Skeinner ~ Selling Joy

Joy is an artist and new vendor at the Errington Farmers’ Market, having first set up her booth on opening day of 2019.  She’s funny, quirky and talented…and has this to say about her creative process:

No matter if my work is gruesome, scenic, realistic or absurd comedic, I do it when I’m in my best mental state and out of pure joy. The human connection art provides to us all is something that will forever be priceless, and it is a true honour to contribute to through being an artist.

Joy’s weird, outrageous, surreal comedy always turns heads and gets a laugh out of every age group.  As an artist, she loves this as it makes each market day a unique experience for herself and her customers.  What you won’t find at her table are plants and baking, as she’s misplaced her green thumb and absolutely loves to devour tasty baked treats.  That’s just fine though, as her stickers and pins are hot sellers at the EFM, and she currently adores creating comics and building miniature boxes.   When asked about her favourite market moment so far, she laughed while remembering this moment with a customer:

Oh look this book is so tiny, I’ll fill it full of swear words!” I still cannot get it out of my head, nor forget her hysterical wonderful laugh and beautiful smile. I adored her to bits.

And you’ll adore Joy to bits.

Stop by her booth, pick up some one-of-a-kind artwork and share a joyful moment.
Oh… and she has stories to tell.  Ask her about the dueling spiders.
Instagram: @j.skeinner