Brooke Rankin & Scotty Lesage ~ Earth and Soul Collections

Earth and Soul Collections was established in 2016 by Brooke and Scotty, born of a desire to share the warm euphoric West Coast vibes through their unique and handcrafted line of natural, earth-conscious body care products, home balancing tools, and natural household cleaners.

With the guidance of Mother Nature, Earth and Soul Collections embraces the practice of wholistic energy healing and also proudly offers a jewelry collection that is attuned to the balanced state of the earth’s frequency and personal chakra systems. Each item has been hand crafted and designed by hand, ensuring only the highest quality.

It is a joy to share our labours of love, bond with our community and create open conversation of new ways to discover natural health.

2019 is Brooke and Scotty’s second year at the Errington Farmers’ Market, and market visitors know them in particular for their metaphysical mala creations that are designed to inspire, support, and align the mind, body and soul.  They are always working to create wonderful new products though, and this year they have expanded their skincare line with great new items.  And the men are definitely not left out.  When you’re next at the market, ask them about their Mens Burley Beard Care and Shaving Line!