Bob Herbison ~ Local Wildlife and Landscape Photography

Having been a regular vendor for at least 15 years, Bob is a familiar friendly face at the Errington Farmers’ Market, and his remarkable photography is popular with both locals and visitors alike. The creative spirit runs in the family, and Bob often shares booth space with his son Noah, a painter who sells his art cards, prints and original works at the market.

Presenting the stunning natural history of the Errington area in photographic prints and on greeting cards and keepsake magnets, Bob has an deep knowledge of the local flora and fauna and a keen eye for capturing an image at the perfect moment.   And speaking of perfect moments…when asked about his own most memorable market moments, Bob says that among the many that he cherishes from past market days, a couple stand out:

The family from Spain who returns every year to buy a print is pretty special. And also remembering little Elise from the 4-H, with her 1-chicken petting farm!

What you may not know about Bob is that he is also an important local historical resource. In addition to his passion for the area’s natural history, he is also a keeper of its actual history…and the story of Errington’s early settlement and the changes that have occurred over the decades is one full of fascinating events and interesting people.

Bob is definitely one of those people, so stop by his booth under the shade of the fir trees for a chat.  He’s always happy to talk to visitors about his photographs…whether you purchase one or not.  You might even catch him strumming a tune on his favourite guitar.