Click the poster to learn more about Canada’s public health guidelines with respect to COVID-19

The Errington Farmers’ Market is planning to operate as scheduled, beginning with an opening day of May 1st.

As an essential local service, the market will offer a limited number of vendors during this pandemic emergency, with priority spacing for vendors of fresh and prepared food and food plants. Shopping procedures at the market will be modified to comply with provincial social distancing and public health protocols, and we would like to assure our customers that the health and safety of our vendors and customers is our first priority.


We will all miss the market’s wonderful community atmosphere,  and share with the community a sense of loss that the live music, family activities and special events that we have all come to love will not be possible in the current global climate.  We recognize however, that we have a critical role to play in this uncertain time.  The market is more important than ever right now, not as a place to gather and visit, but as an important system to connect farmers and families with the fresh local food that they need.

Be assured that the market is operating with safety in mind and with the support of the BC CDC, Minister of Agriculture, The BC Association of Farmers Markets as well as your local Health Authority.  If you would like more information about the modified market system or have any questions about these changes, the BC Association of Farmers’ Markets has a dedicated information page about market shopping during this time of emergency that you can access HERE.

Please understand that the pandemic situation is constantly in a stage of change, and that our information may change quickly as well.  We will be adapting our procedures as necessary to continue to provide this valuable food resource to the local community,