Harvest Market 2020

The market season may be coming to a close…but we’re ending with a special one! On Saturday October 3rd from 10am to 1pm, the EFM will be hosting a special bonus market featuring produce and fixin’s for your Thanksgiving table.  Flowers, baking, preserves and fresh produce are just some of the products that will be available at the 202o Harvest … Read More

October 5 ~ The 2019 Harvest Market

The leaves are beginning to turn, the evenings are getting cooler and the shadows longer. With the end of summer comes one of the most productive and bountiful times of the year here on Vancouver Island, and the Errington Farmers’ Market is getting ready to celebrate it at the annual Harvest Market on October 5th. It’s the final market of … Read More

September 7 ~ Earth Friendly Features at the Market!

This Saturday, September 7th, in addition to all the fantastic local vendors, the Errington Farmers’ Market will be hosting some great community guests featuring a variety of earth-friendly endeavours. Lynne and Sandy Gray will host a table for the Arrowsmith Naturalists, and will have lots of useful information about local flora and fauna. Sandy is a serious birder, a long-time … Read More

August 17 ~ Errington’s 50th Annual Hi Neighbour Day

It was the summer of 1969.  Apollo 11 carried 3 astronauts to land on the moon. Nearly half a million people gathered in love and freedom at Woodstock. The Beatles played their last public performance. The Concorde jet had its first test flight, Pontiac introduced the Firebird Trans Am… …and Errington celebrated it’s first Hi Neighbour Day! The years have … Read More

August 3rd ~ 3rd Annual Art in the Park

Humans have been creating art for tens of thousands of years, with some of the earliest forms of art are found on cave walls around the world. Soon after this period in time, humans began to settle in groups and putting down roots; shifting from hunting and gathering to become agrarians – growing, producing and preserving food where they lived.  … Read More

June 22 ~ International Fairy Day

Fantasy, imagination and a little bit of pixie dust come together on June 22nd at the Errington Farmers’ Market in honor of International Fairy Day. These tiny supernatural creatures have captivated myth and legend across many cultures for generations, and today the wee folk’s stories are perpetuated through animated stories, miniature garden displays, and children’s books. Fairies are closely associated … Read More

June 15 ~ Celebrate Dad at the Errington Farmers’ Market

Father’s Day is approaching, and what do dads want more than anything else? Time spent with family, home baked treats and great music! On June 15th we’ll be celebrating with our dads, making memories, or maybe enjoying a wonderful day at the market in dad’s memory.  There’ll be live music by Taganet on the market stage, great home cooked food … Read More

June 8 ~ Knit In Public Day!

They say that there are two kinds of people in this world: those who know how to knit, and those who wish they did. There are few things more satisfying than taking a nondescript length of wool and a few simple sticks and creating a beautiful, functional piece of clothing; and here on Vancouver Island we’re fortunate to be in … Read More

May 25 ~ Steering Wheels and Irish Reels

A Saturday at the market is always full of great entertainment, but on May 25th the Errington Farmers’ Market is host to two extra special events that will guarantee good times for market goers of all ages. In addition to the regular vendors and tasty food that you know and love, the market area and War Memorial Hall will also … Read More

Mother’s Day at the EFM

March 11th is an extra-special market day. Whether you’re celebrating with your mom on Mothers Day or celebrating in her memory, a day at the market is just the perfect way to spend time. In addition to the great vendors and music by the Old Time Fiddlers, there will be a free card-making station in the pavilion with donated postage … Read More

Medieval Day!

May 4th is Market Opening Day at the market! The Errington Farmers’ Market kicks off the 2019 season in medieval style. Errington’s beautiful Community Park provides a wonderful forest setting for this gem of a local market, enhanced by great food, live music and a friendly community atmosphere. Come join us for fun, food, and friendship! Bring your market basket … Read More