Market Society Bylaws

Errington Farmer’s Market Society By-Laws

A. Membership

Any Person who is interested in promoting the purposes of the Society as listed above
shall be eligible for membership in the Society and may apply to the Directors for membership
in the Society, and on acceptance by the Directors shall be a member, and will abide by the rules
and regulations set forth by the Society.

All members will be required to pay an annual membership fee of $20.00 or an amount to
be set by resolution of the Board of Directors from time to time.

No members may be expelled from the Society except by a Special meeting of the
Society, where 75 percent majority vote would be required.

A person shall cease to be a member of the Society:

1. By delivering his/her resignation in writing to the Secretary of the Society or by mailing
or delivering it to the address of the Society, or,
2. On his/her death or in the case of corporation on dissolution, or,
3. On being expelled, or
4. On having been a member not in good standing, that is if he has failed to pay his current
dues or has any other debt pertaining to the Society, for a period of 12 consecutive months.
This may be rectified once the debt has been paid.

B. Meetings

The Society shall hold an Annual General Meeting each year upon a day to be set by the
Board of Directors or the President on or before April 30th.
The Board of Directors or President may call a Special Meeting any time upon at least
14 (fourteen) days notice to members shown on register of members on the day the notice is
given and no other person(s) are entitled to receive notice of General Meetings.
Notices of the Annual General Meeting or any Special General meeting shall be
emailed, telephoned, and posted in the Errington Post Office.

Ten (10) paid-up members shall constitute a quorum at any Annual General or Special
Meeting. Five (5) Paid-up members constitute a quorum at any Regular meeting. If a quorum
is not present, the President shall adjourn the meeting and call another at a determined time
with seven days notice to members. The quorum for the second meeting shall be the number of
those present at that meeting so long as at least 2 (two) paid-up members are present.
Each paid-up member shall be entitled to one vote at all meetings so long as that
member is present at the meeting.

Members may vote by proxy by providing a written note requesting another named
Member to cast his/her vote at a meeting. The note requesting this proxy can be given to any
Board Member within a week (7 days) of the meeting where the proxy will be used.
If 20% (twenty percent) or more of the Members of the Society request a Special
General meeting in writing, the Board must convene one without delay. The Members
proposal must state the purpose of the Meeting, must be signed by supporting Members, and be
delivered to the address of the Society. Within 21 (twenty-one) days of this letter’s delivery,
the Board must call a Special General Meeting and inform the Members of the Meeting by
email, telephone and posted in the Errington Post Office.

C. Officers

The Board of Directors of the Society shall include a minimum of 5 (five) positions
which are:
1. President
2. Vice-President
3. 2nd Vice-President
4. Secretary
5. Treasurer

The President shall be the chief executive officer of the Society, and shall preside at all
General Meetings and Special Meetings of the Society, and at all meetings of the Board of
Directors. The President shall be an ex-officio member of all committees except the
Nominating Committee.

During the absence or disability of the President, the Vice-President shall exercise all
the powers and duties of the President.

The 2nd Vice-President shall, during the absence or disability of the President and Vice-
President, exercise all the power and duties of the President.

The Secretary shall be responsible for recording and distributing minutes of all meetings
and for all business correspondence directly related to the Board.

The Treasurer shall keep the financial records of the Society and supervise the financial
affairs as directed by the Board of Directors.

Officers of the Society shall be elected by the Board of Directors from the elected

Additional officers or members at large may be appointed by the Board of Directors as
required to carry out the activities of the Society.

No remuneration shall be paid to any officer of the Society.

An officer shall cease to hold office if he is absent for three (3) consecutive meetings
without permission of the President or Vice-President.

A maximum of two (2) Community Members/ non-vendors may sit on the Board of
Directors of this Society at any one time.

D. Borrowing Powers

In order to carry out the purposes of the Society the Directors may, on behalf of and in
the name of the Society, raise or secure the payment or repayment of money in such a manner
as they may decide, and in particular, but without limiting the generality of the forgoing, by the
issue of debentures.

No debentures shall be issued without the sanction of a Special Resolution.

E. Special Committees

Special Committees for specific purposes, as required, may be appointed, and, or
dissolved by the President with Board approval.

Members of special committees may be entitled to attend Board meetings, but may not
vote at those meetings.

The nomination committee shall be appointed by the President not less than thirty
(30) days prior to the Annual General Meeting.

F. Accounts

The accounts and financial records of the Society shall be audited at least once per year
by two (2) Directors of the Board, or by an auditor approved by the Board of Directors.

G. Dissolution of the property

In the event the Society be dissolved, and after settlement of all debts, liabilities or
contracts, the remaining assets of the Society shall be distributed or disposed of to charitable
organizations or an organization within the community where they will be of benefit to the

H. Amendment of By-Laws

The above By-Laws may be amended at any time by a Special Resolution passed or
consented to by two-thirds majority of the total paid-up membership present at this meeting.

I. Inspection of records
The books and records of the Society may be inspected by any member at any time by
contacting the Secretary or Treasurer of the Society for an appointment to be arranged.